Kaizen Quiz | Kaizen case study

Kaizen Quiz

Kaizen Quiz | Ver. Factory

1.  slack of the bolt

2.Prevention of reverse Setting

3. Prevention of reverse Setting

4.  Prevention of reverse Setting

5. Mounting work error

6.It is hard to catch a part.

7.It is hard to catch a part.

8.It is hard to catch hand grip.

9.the scratch, crack occur.

10.Fruit net

11.Inspection time 

12.Workshop layout

13.cleaning is hard

14.moving time


16. polishing

17.scissors for sewing

18.cutting time

19.Inspection method

20.Visual aid

Kaizen Quiz | Ver. Hospital

1. The cord of the infusion pump

2.medicine shelf

3.first aid box

4.It is hard to apply a back with ointment myself.

5.socks aid

6.Button fasten aid