Kaizen- Present Guide

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Practical Use of Current System

Information Age

There is an era of gathering and absorbing the knowledge one wants efficiently. Innovation has mostly already been developed. It has become official. After that, it is important how to leverage that knowledge to cords.


Learning and Creative Choice

There are already ancestors from BC who came up with creative thoughts. Things that created by geniuses like Socrates, Plato, Buddha, etc. have already been documented in a book.

We can learn and select the thoughts which have been thought by the ancestors. We now have a duty free and creative editing to coding network simply by selecting from the choices given.


Turning Knowledge Into Wisdom

Using the knowledge according to the field conditions.


Kaizen’s Standard Tactics of Application of ○

It is reasonable to learn, arrange and select the Kaizen pattern faster.


Kaizen of Functional Utilization

Improvements carried out by using existing features. To do so, you must learn the features priorly.


Kaizen of Auxiliary Tools

Using auxiliary tools to make the job easier!


The 3 Stages of The Application of Auxiliary Tool

1. Current use:
100¥ Shop, obtaining something without delaying at the home centre.

2. Betterment:
To combine with the present condition and process the commercial product.

3. Production:
Combine and make use of the things that are already available.


Kaizen of Can Be Done by One Person

There were 2 persons in charged of the inspection of the ramp of the car in an automotive repair shop: the one on the driver’s seat and the one outside the car.


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