error proofing (device)

pokayoke-example TPS dictionary

error proofing (device)


What is Poka Yokel or Error Proofing?

Poka means inadvertent erro,and”Yoke ”
means prevenlion.Poka Yoke means implemening
simple and inexpensive devices that help
operaiors avoid misiakes in their work caused by
ihe wrong parts leaving out a part ,installing a
parl backwards,etc.

The types of Error Proofing

・Shuidown :They are the most poweeful Erro
Proofing devices. For example,a machine
will not siart if a work piece is set incorrectly.
・Warning :They alert us to something
abnormal by a buzzer or light.

A good Error Proofing:

・Simple ,with long life and low maintenance
・High reliability

・Designed for the workplace situation.