kainban TPS dictionary


What is Kanban?

A kanban is a signaling device that gives authorization and instruction for the production or withdrawal of items in a pull system. “Withdrawal” means the conveyance called on by the downstream operation.


Kanban have Two  Functions.

Whatever the form, kanban have two funcions in
a production operalion ; They instruct processes

to make products or parts and they instruct
malerial handlers to move products or parts
The former use is called production kanban;the
latter use is termed withdrawal kanban.

Production Kanban

Produciion kanban(or “make cards”)tell a
supplying process the type and quantity of
producis (or parts) to make for a downstream

Withdrawal Kanban

Withdrawal kanban (or”movecard”) authorize the
conveyanace of products (or parts)to a downstream
process. They often take two forms;internal (or
interprocess) kanban and supplier kanban.