local efficiency vs total productivity

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Apparent Efficiency

Apparent Efficiency means increasing production
output with no change in the number of
operaiors or equjpment wiihout being tied to
sales ormarket demands.  It is an improvement
mathematjcally ony.

True Efficiency

True Efficiency means producing the number
of parts or products that can be sold while
utilizing the minimum number of operators and
equipment possible. True Efficiency is the resuilt
of “Genryou Managemenr and resuits in true
cost reduction.

Local Efficiency

Local Efficiency means boosting the efficiency at
a certain line. process or machine, completely
separated from previous or following processes
or customers.

Total ProdUctivity

Total Productivity means seeking to improve
not apparent efficiency at one Iocal poirt but
true efficiency through the entire production fIow
that results in greater overall company productivity.
(sometimes called “System Efficiency”)