Ohno Taiichi

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Ohno Taiichi
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Ohno Taiichi

Taiichi Ohno ( February 29, 1912 – May 28, 1990) was a Japanese industrial engineer and businessman. He is considered to be the father of the Toyota Production System, which became Lean Manufacturing in the U.S. He devised the seven wastes (or muda in Japanese) as part of this system. He wrote several books about the system, including Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production.


TPS was essentially born in 1947 in the post  WWll period. Mr. Taiichi Ohno identified “the waste of waiting” at the machine shop at Toyota.

Mr.Ohno –who later became an executive vice president at Toyota was the man who
did the most to structure TPS as an integrated framework.
Ohno was also instrumental in developing the way organisations identify waste, with his “Seven Wastes” model which have become core in many academic approaches. These wastes are:

1. Delay, waiting or time spent in a queue with no value being added
2. Producing more than you need
3. Over processing or undertaking non-value added activity
4. Transportation
5. Unnecessary movement or motion
6. Inventory
7. Production of Defects