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Producing more,sooner or faster than is required by the next process or customer.

Overproduction is when you make too much of something or you perform too much of a service for some one. Have you ever held a meeting and made copies for that meeting? Most people make a few extra, do you? That is overproduction they will end up in the trash. Or have you every as a question about something in a store and the salesman goes on an on answering your question when all you wanted was the simple answer? That salesman was overproducing. In a service industry knowing whether you are overproducing or not is tricky but if you give the shorter version to a customers answer and then ask them if they understand your answer you can find out if they need more information.

Some symptoms of overproduction that you can look for are:

Excessive raw materials
Extra inventory
Unnecessary work
Excessive floor space utilized
Unbalanced material flow
Backups between departments
Complex information management
Disposal charges
Extra waste handling & treatment
High utility costs