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5S activity Plant Management

5S Activity

5S means Seiri=clearing,Seiton=organizing,Seisou=cleaning,Seiketsu=standardizing, Shitsuke=descipline. 5S is the basics for quality improvement, cost reduction, lead time, safety,service improvement,motivation,efficiency and vitalization of workshop. They say, workshop control begins with 5S and finish with 5S. ln order to promote 5S activity effectively, it is necessary to control 5S activity by establishing control criteria and control method using 5W1H. There is the new 5S in which the order of priority is different from 5S i.e.Shituke=decipline comes first instead of last. The objective of the new 5S is to develop the mind of workers so that they can conduct improvement by eliminating wastes. To develop the mind means to develop three types of mind. ie. the mind to be thankful, the mind to please others and the mind to pay consideration to others.

Related terms:2S (Seiri, Seiton),5W2H (what when who where why How mach) Position control.

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