3-1 Concept of Facility Management

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Concept of Facility Management

Facility is the fixed asset to be used for a long time as management resource. Therefore the decision of its investment should be done based on the right management plan taking into consideration the surrounding environment. There are four main phases in the maintenance management.

Facility investment is done based on the long term corporate strategy. namely, product strategy and manufacturing strategy. It is also related to fund raising and selection of suppliers.

Second is the maintenance phase.In this phase the efficiency is sought throughout its life cycle in view of bathtub curve concept. Quick control is desired by the close collaboration among maintenance section and operation as well as technical section.

Third is the relationship between Facility and humano Facility has significant impact upon

the factory in view of safety. hygiene and environment. It is getting more and more difficult to detect the deterioration of the Facility due to the black box phenomena of both hardware and software of Facility. This is brought about in line with the trend for more complexity. higher performance and unmanned operation of Facility. The maintenance skill based on the past experience should be updated with the new technology. In order to cater to be more considerate for safety hygiene and environmental management additional function as well as human factors
should be taken into consideration.

Fourth viewpoint is the facility improvement. Facility problems as efficiency degradation will appear as you keep operating for a long time, even if its plan and specification was best at first.
These problems should be exposed. By doing this facility should be improved so that it matches  your environment and production method.In that time efficiency indicators should be followed continuously as you go on day to day improvement activities in addition new ideas should be proposed to top management so that the facility can be fit new environment.

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