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 Concept of quality management

JIS Z 8101:1981 defines quality management as the system of methods to produce product or service compliant with customer requirements, economically.
The objective of quality management is not only product or service but also their processes as well.
In order to efficiently promote quality management, all processes from market research to,
R&D,product planning, design,product preparation, purchase/subcontracting,manufacturing,
inspection,to sales and after-sales service should be efficiently implemented.
There are two approaches to implement jobs. Scientific approach has three basic approaches,six logical approaches and four efficient approaches.
First,the basic approaches are the customer focus born from marketing theory, quality first and respect for humanity.
Secondly,logical approach is called scientific approach and includes statistical approach,seven QC tools and new seven QC tools. There are routine jobs which must be done every day.

but we should also keep improving for more efficient way. By rotating PDCA cycle, you can identify problems and keep improving them along problem solving steps. These activities are  called statistical quality control  since they use statistical tools.
Thirdly,the efficient approach includes 5S activity, standardization,small group activity and process control,which are the basics of daily job.
It is called the company-wide quality management (CWQC)or total quality management (TQM)when all of above activities are implemented by all people from top management to middle management, supervisors and to workers.

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