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Personal protective equipment

We give priority to the speed of the work,having no cares on the site and then may forget to wear protective equipment carelessly. However,the rule must strictly be observed at any place and by any time. The wearing of protective equipment seems to be troublesome, but any equipment was born from much sorrow by the disaster, pains, The professional avoids even a little danger.It is necessary to wear protective equipment with a pride of the professional.
Wearing clean clothes and protective equipment along the rule expresses the on-site safe hygiene level, the morals and view of life of workers, the degree of thorough factory management policy and degree of the discipline of the leader.
Laws and ordinances impose on employer the responsibility to prepare proper protective
equipment and let workers use definitely. in addition, workers are forced to observe its wearing and penal regulations added. There is also the regulation of JIS for each of personal protective equipment.
However it is necessary to rely on the power of the protective equipment only when it is difficult to plan improvement of the work procedure and security of the machinery for the hazardous or risk factor in the spot. Because it is the last fort protecting individual, it must not be relied excessively.

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personal protective equipment