Static Electricity Control

Static Electricity Control

Pasting conductive sheet

In order to preventcharging of theplasticcover, and then paste the conductive sheet

Electrostatic measures of chair and chair cover

Working chair used in the assembly processis required against static electricity discharge
same chair cover

 Mounting location of the ground wire

Securely attached to the mounting of the ground wire
To prevent poor contact periodically to check

Poor contact problems can be reducedby attaching a wrist strapchecker

Humidity, temperature measurement

Measuring the temperature and humidity of each point of the process
Measurement data to fill in the check table at the site
Because it is immediately notice dunusually

Note: Recommended specificationsin the clean room


 Humidity control and temperature control


Control position of the wristband

Wiringthe Ground Wire

Done as shown in the picture below
( Winding wire is NG)

Ground of shelf

Ground product, shelf,trolly with chain


Use the stainless steel trolley

 Antistatic tape

Antistatic tape to reduce thecharge

 Antistatic with aluminum foil

Trash Change into metal

Becouse it is untistatic

  Improved handling of earth strap

Clip as shown in the picture

 Antistaticusing theionizer

Using conductive material container