3-4 Productive maintenance

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 Productive maintenance

Optimum maintenance should be conducted efficiently throughout facility life cycle.
Break down maintenance, which means repairing facility only after it breaks down, can be the realistic option if recovery can be done in a short time economically.In many cases planned maintenance is done. where inspection or maintenance is done periodically or after it has been used for a certain period of time. Planned maintenance is easy if done before Facility breaks down and chances of secondary breakdown can be made small. Abrupt repair activity can be replaced by planned maintenance activity thus more stable maintenance can be done. Further,
you can conduct online monitoring to detect the trend of facility degradation. You can diagnose facility by vibration. sound, and electricity.Soap method. which is the chemical analysis of oils.
can be effective for diagnosing the degree of damaga These can be categorized into predictive maintenance. On the other hand,facility can have significant impact not only safety but natural and social environment as well. Depending on the degree of facility failure,it can cause explosion.
fire and leak of radioactive substance or hazardous chemicals into river and land. It becomes necessary to conduct maintenance to lower these risks Maintenance activity should aim at elimination of maintenance ultimately.

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