Hazard prediction training(KYT)

KYT Plant Management

Hazard prediction training (KYT)

Hazard prediction activity is activity to practice measures to notice hazard, unsafe state and unsafe action.As the base of hazard prediction activity, hazard prediction training KYT (Kiken Yochi Training)is to train understanding its process properly and applying it on the site. in training,the hazard that they did not notice by themselves can be noticed by talks with friends,and it comes to be possible for the momentary judgment of hazard necessary on the site.
By the hazard prediction training, they can find out where hazard lies hidden in while watching illustration, and find action target for it. This training is usually performed by five or six persons for one team under the leadership of a leader.
①Train a leader. Enforce the right way of thinking under the leadership.
②Improve the states of facilities and machine and keep putting too much importance only for workers’ effort on-site.
③Be not seized with a form. The basics are important, but perform this activity in the flexible
way proper for each job.
④Keep in mind repeating and performing definitely and promptly.