2-11 Occupational Safety and Health | Safety Management system

OSHMS Plant Management

Safety   Management system

The safe hygiene management system is the new structure, where the employer determines a series of processes called plan - do - see - check - act (PDCA)with the cooperation of the worker and performs voluntary management continuously・
*It expresses the safe hygiene policy.
*It specifies hazard factors of machine, facilities and chemical substances and then specifies
enforcement matters to decrease and to remove them. Furthermore it specifies
enforcement matters based on laws and ordinances concerned.
*Based on the safe hygiene policy, it sets the safe hygiene target corresponding to
enforcement matters.
*It makes the action plan based on enforcement matters and the safe hygiene target.
*It carries out and manages the action plan.
*It daily checks and improves the enforcement situation of the action.
*It periodically inspects, reviews,check and improves this system.
It repeats the activity mentioned above and carries out PDCA cycle continuously.

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