2-7 Facilities inspection

TPM Plant Management

Facilities inspection

Machinery is normally and properly operated while it is new, but naturally materials deteriorate and members are worn and its function falls down with progress of use time.
Therefore it is very important for prevention of disaster to discover these material defects quickly and to take correction steps promptly.
worker takes a big role about the security of facilities. To achieve this role it is important to examine whether there is such abnormality about facilities and to take steps such as the repair immediately if abnormality discovered. The work to perform this object is called facilities inspection.
Enforcement before facilities inspection ①The canvasser takes education to understand the structure and function of objective facilities
and solves any doubt about the inspection.
②Since this activity needs some experience and mastery of skills in technology, expert’s
followup on-site is indispensable for an entrant in particular.
③Trouble history and accident experience is to be arranged and understood.

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