3-10  Facility efficiency indicators

TPM16 Plant Management

Facility efficiency indicators

There are indicators to show Facility efficiency just like financial indicators to be used for financial improvement.
There are seven big losses in facilities and its efficiency can be greatly improved by
improving those losses. Seven big losses are;failure loss due to machine trouble,changeover  loss,and cutter exchange loss, startup loss, minor stop loss as seen in material transfer trouble, and reworking loss.
The overall efficiency of facility can be improved by reducing those losses The overall
Facility efficiency is defined by multiplying time efficiency ratio, performance efficiency ratio and good quality rate.
For the short-time reduction of failures, these indicators such as failure frequency. down time,failure ratio are often used.There are two types of failure rate.

Failure frequency ratio=failure frequency/loading time Failure intensity ratio downtime/loading time.
As the indicators for reliability and maintainability. MTBF(operating hour/failure frequency) or MTTR(down-time /failure frequency)is often used.
Maintenance cost is an important indicator from financial view point. These are costs for labor, subcontracting and material consumed for maintenance work.

Maintenance cost should be dearly positioned in the manufacturing strategy and efficiently used.
Skill matrix for maintenance staff is should not be forgotten as an important indicator for maintenance activity .

Related terms: Failure ratio (failure intensity ratio,failure frequency ratio) Overall Facility ratio (time efficiency rate performance efficiency rate, good quality ratio) MTBF/MTTR Maintenance cost.