2-5 lncident

Heinrich's law Plant Management


We call¨Hiyari-hatto¨,that is, incident the discovery of dangerous eχample that was
experienced on daily work but not connected directly with serious disaster and accident. Such experience can be utilized for the prevention of accident disaster.
Must not blame workers who present their own experience in order to keep this activity alive,since such information that they do not want to say to another person, is received in advance and utilized for security.
For example, even if the work have not been performed according to work procedure, and problem occurs, such problem can be the opportunity to review the procedure, because there were possibly be any problem on the procedure itself.
In enforcement, the style of presentation and number of cases each person presents for one month is to be decided. After the leader receive it, he/she asks questions,if any and corresponds speedy,notifying adoption or reason of the non-adoption.

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Heinrich's law