2-9 Work procedure

work procedure Plant Management

Work procedure

Consideration on the occasion of work procedure making is described below.
①Work procedure is to be accorded with the fact of the work.
Think about the fact of the own company and aim at own company original thing. Avoid the diversion of reference materials uncritically.
②The eχpression tries in easiness and is to be concrete.
Compiling many works and writing altogether are incomprehensible.
③Visual gimmick is to be daborated as for the important point.
There are many cases to be running out of time watching the thick procedure book on individual works. Write the important point to the card to take it out immediately. Also insert chart,illustration and photograph to find easily.
④It is important to catch total picture of the safe work with good balance and not to be partial to work efficiency.
⑤The on-site true intention and wisdom shall be entered. The work procedure book is the condensation of company know-how.

⑥Dangerous movement shall be clear.
Judging from conventional experience, make dear dangerous movement and rouse attention or prohibit it.
⑦Abnormal step and emergency correspondence are important, but prepared as separate volume.

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work procedure