2-1 Concept of Safety management

Safety Management Plant Management

Concept of Safety management

From the situation of the safety management to prevent disaster outbreak,it is effective to think from viewpoint of four Ms of basic causes of the disaster outbreak. This is an analysis method developed in American air force, and analysis of many airplane accidents is done, but it is said to be also useful for general companies including manufacturing industry.
Four Ms is summarized ¨to establish the good facilities, to inform how to use them precisely,to set environment workable easily and to organize the structure to advance smoothly¨,which just the safety management is going to aim.

①Man(human factor)

Workplace factors such as knowledge, skill,will,motivation,and human relations related are included.Also physiologic factors as fatigue are in this category.
Education is necessary for knowledge and skill.

②Machine(facilities factor)

This depends on the function design that includes the ergonomic consideration for machine
and facilities, transportation equipment such as forklifts, hand-operated tool as the welder and
the ladders. There is limit in supplementing the facilities hard to use by work method.
Machine or fadlities deteriorate as they pass through time. The maintenance of facilities is
the important matter as well as function design.

③Media(operative factor)

This is the factor of interface to link Machine (facilities factor)to Man (human factor),and it
is divided into two matters of related work environment and work information.

④Management(administrative factor)

This is the factor to premeditate the organization to maintain the job-site situation definitely.
lt concerns with the systems such as security hygiene regime, education and health care in order
to totally promote security hygiene of the work place. It controls and unifies above three factors.

Safety Management