2-2 Safety Consciousness level

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Safety Consciousness level

The unsafe behavior occurs by the carelessness of working person, but the carelessness is not the cause but result. Since it is original safety management to remove true cause to let carelessness occur, therefore it is necessary to understand human consciousness level.
①Phase Ⅱ is the state to appear on most daily duty (2/3-3/4).Lasting long does it most,and the intellectual power is considerably wide, but the concentration does not act forward, and the error is easy to get up. When one wants to raise veracity of the work, the effort to change to phaseⅢ by oneself is to be done. on the other hand,it is important to perform proper measures on both facilities and environment side on the premise of¨much work is performed in the state that the error is easy to happen¨.
②PhaseⅢ is the most suitable consciousness level for safe security. However,one follows to the utmost only for around 10-30 minutes because this phase is under strain. if one will continue this phase forcibly, the restraint function acts and prevents the fatigue of the brain, which causes declivity in phase Ⅱ or Ⅰ.
one stimulates cerebrum by the stimulation of muscular motion by ¨Pointing and Calling¨,so to speak , by the gear change of the consciousness level and then will be in phaseⅢ.
③Phase IV is in the hyperstrain state that the comprehensive judgment disappears because
one concentrates on one point of thought, although one can cope with the situation of close at hand. it is necessary to prepare the measures that prevent from falling into phase IV and the way of the breakaway when one fell into it.

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Safety Consciousness level