3-3 Initial facility control

Plant Management

 Initial facility control

Initial facility control is conducted at the first stage of facility life- cycle. It means the
evaluation multiple investment plan and making decision upon i Following this,Facility vendor is selected by purchase department. Budget and schedule progress control is also dona The facility idea is born from the manufacturing system.The maintenance plan is also made in initial facility control activity. Energy system as well as inverse system is contemplated in parallel as well. It is important to feedback past failures as maintenance prevention information to the selection of new facility. When requesting proposal from multiple vendors,It may be necessary to host meeting for vendors to explain facility specifications so that all vendors can do cost estimation
with the same conditions Facility relating to core technology should be made in house as much as possible It is important to make implicit know how explicit by hosting various meetings to study specifications and drawings so that there is no overlooking of important aspects .
When adopting new processing method.It is important to build quality and reliability at the same time by installing pilot lines.Thus all machine failure and quality problems should be eradicated during volume production stage by conducting test production.

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