3-8 Facility and safety hygiene and environment

Plant Management

Facility and safety hygiene and environment

The importance of safely, hygiene and environmental aspects of Facility is becoming more and more important in addition to cost performance of it.

The incidents of machine related injury is becoming smaller but its rate is not getting
smaller.The machine itself must possess safety functions and efforts should be made to develop these aspects.

When designing Facility you should build safety functions in to the design such as mistake-proof  or fail-safe functions where machine fails to safety side if failure happens.

You should take human factors into consideration in the surrounding workshop environment.

ln hygienic aspect, such factors as temperature,humidity,illumination, noise dust ,organic solvent should be taken into consideration. Pollutions measures to be caused by Facility to air,water,land and wastes should be studied in advance.New method for energy and material saving should be desired.

The Facility related ISO standard is paying more attention to the facility system rather than to the stand alone facility itself . In this context, the role of system integrator for safety will become important from now on.

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